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So Fresh Dance-a-thon Choreorobics (Street Style) is the high energy hip hop workout concept from top notch dancer choreographer, Roger Leonard Long. Started in 2001, it is the first and largest fully packaged hip hop/street dance workout program  formulated in Mississippi.
Choreorobics Dance Off is set apart for its edge as an exciting, intense and innovative workout experience. Each class features the latest segment of one of Roger’s original routines and a hardcore hip hop vibe that brings your workout into the future.
An outstanding feature of each Choreorobics Dance Off class is the inspiring, motivating energy of the husband/wife dynamic duo, Roger and Tena. Fuse their trademark instruction and expert training with driving beats and  explosive routines and you get the powerful elixir that makes Choreorobics Dance Off a one-of-a-kind dance workout experience!


poster pic 10Choreorobics (Grooves Style) is the offspring of Choreorobics Dance Off. It operates with the same addictive energy that the team of Roger and Tena bring to Choreorobics Dance Off but was created to teach the fundamentas of how to get down. If you’re new to hip hop dance/Choreorobics or just love to throw down, this program allows you move at pace to improve on coordination, stamina and swagger-tude.

Each class be thrilled by routines with authentic styles of old school, new school and hip hop funk combined. Roger will teach you how to make the patterns your own and help you find your style. Foundation moves like the up groove, down groove, points, rolls and locks are used to melt flab to look fab. Learn not only how to move but how to groove!


Junior Choreorobics spun of in 2004 with Junior Choreorobics Dance Off Classthe success of the adult Choreorobics Dance Off program. It is a cutting edge dance training that offers physical education to kids ranging ages 6 and older through stimulating and exciting creative dance exercises.

Junior Choreorobics aim is to inspire self-expression, athleticism and confidence using hip hop dance by implementing an atmosphere of praise and positivity.

JC also features trademark dance choreography and the innovative teaching techniques of the power duo of hip hop dance, Roger and Tena Long. It is usually offered in association with after school camps, summer, fitness and teen camps. If you are interested in hosting this program, email us at choreorobics@yahoo.com!


Roger L. Long, Creator, Director and Program Choreographer head shot flip

For over a decade now, Roger has been a dance educator and choreographer. His philosophy is all about inclusion which the motivation behind Choreorobics Dance Off. “I guess you can say I have a passion for getting everyone involved and aware of the power of the dance,” he explains.

He formulated Choreorobics Dance Off in 2001 and its success is largely due to his powerfully thorough, positive and motivating instructional method along with his solid reputation for delivering consistent high energy classes and events that get results. In 2003, he was recognized as one of Who’s Who in America’s top art professionals and in 2004 among Who’s Who in the World as a noted contributor to contemporary performing and visual art.

Roger’s visionary and  entrepreneurial spirit has been in operation throughout his life. At an early age he was recognized as gifted in the arts. Through successive competitions, scholastic achievements and performances he honed his abilities as a hip hop dancer, choreographer and artist.

Eager to begin his artistic contribution to the public and the world, he established Go Long Productions in 1998 before completing college. Go Long Productions has been in operation since and is the parent company of Choreorobics Dance Off and Portrait Phenomena Studio.


Tena Long, Fitness Expert/Instructor and Dance Coachhead shot T flip

A native of Nassau, Bahamas, Tena believes that her experience in different facets of the entertainment and performance arts brings much to the role she plays with Choreorobics Dance Training Systems. She received formal vocal training and performed regionally as a vocalists for over five years in both Florida and Mississippi.

Tena also holds in B. A. in Mass Communications from Belhaven University where she graduated in 2002. She’s been certified with Interactive Fitness Trainers of America and is an avid health and well enthusiast and vegan.

As a dancer coach and instructor, Tena believes strongly in standards of excellence and encourages positive thinking and wellness. “Through both dance and exercise you can learn so much about yourself, acquire new skills and feel better about who you are-the reasons to get active are just endless in my opinion,” she says.

One of her trademarks  is her rhythmic flexibility and stretching techniques. She currently works with Go Long Productions as public relations specialist and is on faculty at the Mississippi Metropolitan Dance Academy as hip hop dance instructor.

Go Long Productions, The Parent Company GLP W

Go Long Productions is the arts based business owned by Roger L. Long. It offers an all original range of dance and visual art services, classes, events and innovations and all by Roger and Tena Long. For over 12 years, the couple been dedicated to enriching the lives of their students, teaching, choreographing and coaching both young and old, beginners to professionals, solo performers to dance teams at classes, workshops, events, parties and camps. They have trained dancers for national dance and dance team competitions, talent searches and  invitationals and the TV talent shows Star Search, Showtime at the Apollo and more!

For more info on Go Long Productions and our other hip hop dance, choreography and visual art services visit www.go-long-productions.com. Choreorobics is a Go Long Productions original production.